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How to Understand That The Moving Company Can Not Be Trusted?

If you are organizing a move for the first time, it is important to understand in advance whether the chosen company is trustworthy. After all, the safety of furniture, fragile interior items, and other personal belongings depends on the professionalism of the driver and movers.

Reviews on the Internet are often not enough: unscrupulous services order positive comments. But there are several reliable ways to check, allowing you to determine in advance that the company can not be trusted.

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Car for transportation

The first thing to clarify is the size of the car. A large amount of furniture with non-standard dimensions will need a body of a large volume. But there is no need to overpay for the delivery of a few boxes for moving. If the representative of the company can not provide a small van and imposes a more expensive transport, it is a reason to be wary. Perhaps the fleet simply does not have other machines.

This also applies when you are offered a car with low ceilings to transport cabinets or refrigerators. The furniture will either not fit, or will be damaged when you move to Toronto. It is better to refuse cooperation with such a company.

Straps for large furniture

There is another indicator of the reliability of the company and the experience in moving like https://highstreammoving.com/location/movers-in-aurora-on/. The way her movers approach the transportation of heavy furniture. Too smoothly, without risk to the cargo and own health to lift and transfer heavy things, you need to use special straps. They help to evenly distribute the load and facilitate the task of workers. Before agreeing on the other nuances, ask: Do the movers use belts?

Tools for disassembling furniture

It is often more convenient to disassemble the furniture before transportation. This way it is guaranteed that it will not be damaged in transit. Most companies offer turnkey moving: disassembly, packing, delivery, and assembly of cabinets, tables, and shelves on site. A quality assembly requires a whole set of tools:

If the chosen company cannot guarantee the availability of these tools for working with furniture, it is better to refuse its services.

Availability of packing material

The surface of furniture and other interior items can easily be damaged by accidental scratching. Fragile items can even break if the driver makes a sharp turn or gets in the way of potholes. To avoid this, it is important to pack the belongings before transportation.

Normal boxes are not enough; you may need plastic wrap, special paper, tape, and other materials. Glassware, furniture with high-gloss paint, and other items that can easily be scratched should be packed in several layers of bubble wrap. It will protect against bumps and scratches. If the company cannot provide the listed materials, they are unlikely to deliver your belongings in one piece.

Furniture And Construction Debris

Sometimes moving companies also help remove construction debris from the property.

If your goal is to get rid of junk, you can trust them. But before moving furniture, it is important to ask: will the company take on the removal of waste? If yes, then there is a high probability that the body of the car after the next trip to the dump will be stained or full of garbage, dust, and chips.

This is highly undesirable because good furniture can be damaged due to contact with construction waste residue.

Having Insurance

Insurance is a guarantee that in case of accidental damage to your property, the damage will be compensated. But not all companies, whose profile - the organization of moving, are willing to take responsibility and provide it. Even when transporting goods for short distances, it is better to use insurance. Before you order an apartment or office moving in Minsk, be sure to inquire whether the company can offer it. If not, you should not trust it.

The overall impression of the company is made up of the little things that not everyone pays attention to. Knowing what questions to ask before ordering, it is easy to avoid mistakes. Specifying in advance all the important information, you can make sure that you trust the property to responsible and reliable people. And screen out the companies, from which it is better to refrain from cooperation.

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